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Want to teach your kid their ABCs with a little more creativity than what Dora or Spongebob might have to offer? Have a designer or artist in the house? This is probably the book for you then.

Snagged from grainedit.com:

I’ve been a fan of Werner Design Werks for a few years now, so I was excited to hear about their recent release of alphabeasties: and other Amazing Types. This beautiful children’s book features animals crafted out of typefaces. How about an alligator set in Volta EF? You got it! There’s even a dachshund made out of “d”s set in Bauhaus. Gary fans rejoice!

In the same vein as Bruno Munari’s Alfabetiere, alphabeasties achieves a perfect balance of fun and well-executed design. Pick up a copy for your your kid, but don’t be suprised if you end it keeping all to yourself.

Check out their review here:
alphabeasties and other Amazing Types

Buy it here:
alphabeasties and other Amazing Types
Alphabeasties: And Other Amazing Types

alphabeasties and other Amazing Types

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